Clank is a contestant from DARvivor: Delfino Islands.

Clank is known for his rivalry with Frank West, and for attempting to be the self-proclaimed villain of the season. All his plans however failed to come to fruition and he was eventually voted out in the first double tribal council.

Clank then became a signature cohost in the series, as he helped cohost DARvivor: Narnia.

Voting History Edit

Clank's Voting History
Episode Clank's
Voted Against
1 No vote
2 ClapTrap -
3 Sirena immune
4 Sylvia Frank, Sylvia
5 Ricco immune
6 Ricco immune
7 Chris Bowser, Chris,
Krystal, Sylvia
Voted Out, Day 21
Voted for
Sole Survivor