GLaDOS is a contestant from DARvivor: Delfino Islands.

GLaDOS is known for her snarky personality, and true leadership over the Sirena tribe. Her strong strategic prowess that branded her as an immediate threat once merge hit is also what lead her to being named as the Player of the Season.

Voting History Edit

GLaDOS's Voting History
Episode GLaDOS's
Voted Against
1 No vote
2 ClapTrap -
3 Sirena tribe immune
4 Frank -
5 Ricco tribe immune
6 Ricco tribe immune
7 Chris Individual immunity
8 Ashley R.O.B.
9 R.O.B. Chris, Kazooie, R.O.B.,
Sylvia, Tom
Voted Out, Day 27
Vote for
Sole Survivor

Trivia Edit